Day 1: Welcome Aboard, Handsome (H Sound)

Welcome, pronunciation adventurer! Thanks for starting this journey with us.

Step 1 - Set a Baseline

Get ready to record yourself on your personal phone, tablet, or computer reading the "Rainbow Passage" attached below. We will use a special service for you to send it over.

ELK Designed Rainbow Passage.pdf

Step 2 - Send Me Your Recording

Submit your recording using a very special magic service (we love you, VCV). Just click the link below and follow the instructions:

As soon as you purchase the course, I'll write back to let you know which sounds to focus on the most while you complete the program!

Step 3 - Complete Today's Lesson

This is where we cover new pronunciation tips and tricks!

Step 4 - Complete Today's Practice

This is where we put what you've learned to use by listening and repeating along with the "Practice" video. In these videos, I'll say the word/phrase once for you to listen, and then I'll leave a space for you to repeat. Finally, I'll repeat the word/phrase one last time, so that you can say it along with me. Feel free to go as slow as you need; there's absolutely no shame in slowing down or pausing these videos! We've included the text to all exercises below the practice videos, in case you'd like to read along :)


  • DO imagine that you are fogging up a glass to clean it
  • DO allow your lips to make the shape of the vowel that follows
  • DO open your mouth more than you think


  • DON'T hiss like a cat
  • DON'T keep your jaw closed tightly
  • DON'T try to make the same mouth shape every time


  1. He
  2. How
  3. Home
  4. House
  5. Help
  6. Here
  7. Have
  8. Happy
  9. Hand
  10. Hope
  11. Happen
  12. Handsome
  13. Haven’t
  14. Herself
  15. Help
  16. Hello
  17. Hair
  18. Behind
  19. Somehow
  20. Prohibit


  1. How are you?
  2. He has been here before.
  3. Harry the hedgehog is heavy.
  4. Happy days happen at home.
  5. The haunted house doesn’t help his hurt head.
  6. Has Hank ever even hung out with handsome Herman?
  7. A hundred hippos would hinder even a whole host of hunters.
  8. I hope you won’t be hostile while those harpies have hostages they might annihilate.
  9. They found the remains of a prehistoric behemoth behind the treehouse, not exactly a humdrum happenstance.
  10. The Bohemians prohibit the rehabilitation of alcoholics.

Step 5 - Complete Today's Quiz

See what you learned (and maybe learn some new stuff, too)!

Great Job! You're done with Day 1!

Do you have any questions? Can you make up your own "h" sound tongue twister? Comment below!